About us

We are the Japan Image Council (JAPIC).

Aim 1: Actively promote Japanese moving-image culture overseas
Aim 2: Support/collaborate with overseas cultural institutions
Aim 3: Create a domestic and international network to foster the development of moving-image culture

1. Activities.

These are our goals:

  1. Strengthen networks and information sharing between organizations connected to film and the moving image.
  2. Create a database in English and Japanese of information on Japanese films and moving-image art.
  3. Consult and coordinate with overseas film festivals and cultural institutions.
  4. Assist people who are planning overseas screenings in the selection of Japanese films and moving-image art.
  5. Disseminate information about technical staff and actors who work on/appear in films in Japan.
  6. Plan and carry out overseas promotional screenings of Japanese films and moving-image art.
  7. Organize preview screenings aimed at journalists, researchers and representatives of distribution companies.
  8. Hold screenings of films with English subtitles aimed at foreigners living in Japan.
  9. Hold seminars and symposia.
  10. Assemble and publicize information and trends concerning overseas screenings of Japanese films and moving-image art.
  11. Plan/produce/publish visual media and books.
  12. Whatever else needs to be done in order to accomplish the aims of our organization.

2. Information about specific projects

Program 1. International Invitation Program for Animation Artist
Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2010-2011

This project, organized by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Japan Image Council, is an artist in residence program which aims to provide three outstanding young animation artists from around the world with an opportunity to come to Tokyo and create new works while directly interacting with Japanese animation culture. In doing so, we aim to promote both the creation of excellent works of animation and a better understanding of Japanese culture.。Details concerning the program will be released on 1st July 2010.

Program 2. Special Screening of Japanese films in Asia 2010
Since 2004 the Japanese agency for cultural affairs has held screenings of Japanese films that reveal aspects of this country’s culture and society in various countries in Asia. The aim of this project has been to deepen understanding and affection for Japanese culture in these countries. This year a special program of animated works will be screened in Seoul, South Korea, and Hanoi, Vietnam. Details concerning the works to be screened will be released in late September.

3. Japan Image Council Administrative Board

President : TOMIYAMA Katsue
Vice president : MURAYAMA Kyoichiro
Board member : TEZUKA Makoto / NAKAJIMA Takashi / NISHIJIMA Norio