The Agency for Cultural Affairs “Japanese Film Festival in Asia 2010” “Discover the Excitement of Japanese Animation”

On behalf of the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Japan Image Council (JAPIC) is proud to present a special screening of Japanese animation in Hanoi, Vietnam over five days from January 12th to 16th.
This event is part of an ongoing “Japanese Film Festivals in Asia” initiative begun by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2004, a series of screenings designed to both deepen understanding and interest in Japanese culture and increase a sense of friendship between Japan and the countries in which they are held. Two of these events have been planned for this fiscal year, with a different program of sixteen films having already been screened in Seoul, South Korea in November. The Hanoi screenings include eight excellent, much talked about Japanese animated films produced since the year 2000. The program will open with a screening of Colorful, a film directed by HARA Keiichi which was extremely well received when it was released this summer. This is the first time an event has been held in Hanoi as part of this initiative, and it also marks the first time a program devoted to Japanese animation has been presented in this city.
In connection with these screenings we also plan to invite directors and other special guests to attend and take part in cultural exchange events with people involved in animation in Vietnam.

“Colorful” (Opening screening)
HARA Keiichi / 2010 / 126 min.

“Spirited Away”
MIYAZAKI Hayao / 2001 / 125 min.

“Millennium Actress”
KON Satoshi / 2001 / 87 min.

“Mind Game”
YUASA Masaaki / 2004 / 103 min.

HOSODA Mamoru / 2009 / 114 min.

“Mai Mai Miracle”
KATABUCHI Sunao / 2009 / 95 min.

“The Great Adventure of Hutch the Honeybee”
AMINO Tetsuro / 2010 / 101 min.

KOIKE Takeshi / 2010 / 102 min.


Date: January 12nd to 16th, 2010

Place: National Cinema Center in Hanoi

Main organizer: The Agency for Cultural Affairs

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam, National Cinema Center, Japan Image Council, The Japan Foundation Center for Culture Exchange in Vietnam

Support : Embassy of Japan in Vietnam

the Japan Animation Association, The Motion Pictures Producers Association of Japan, Inc., The Association of Japanese Animations, UNIJAPAN

Inquiries concerning this event should be directed to:
Japan Image Council (JAPIC)
Tel: +81-3-6670-5676 / Fax: +81-3-5466-0054